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The Peaceful Scent Bubble Bath

The Peaceful Scent Bubble Bath

Submerge yourself in the magic of bubbles for a relaxing, moisturizing bath experience. Each use will leave your body clean, soft and moisturized. Our scents are the perfect aromatherapy blend to peak your senses during that intimate bath time. No better way to relax than a wick therapy candle bubble bath. An all-natural bath gets no better than a bath time complimented with our bubble bath. Our bubbles are designed for the discerning woman who wants to combine relaxation and fanciful bubbles with the skin-soothing natural ingredients found in all Wick Therapy Candle products.

What's just as important as what we leave out of our bubble baths, however, is what we put in. Enjoy the refreshing sensation of our core collection, which combines the energy you crave through scent.

Whichever luxury bubble bath you choose, you'll know you're soaking in nutritious and delectable ingredients designed to pamper and enhance your skin. All you need to do to create your very own luxury spa experience is pour a small amount of Wick Therapy Candle bubble bath under running water as you're filling the tub. The end result is a luxurious bubble paradise that leaves your skin lightly scented and heavily enriched.

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