Scent Your Business


 Think about it! When you think of your favorite restaurant, what smell comes to mind? When you think of your favorite store, what smell comes to mind? When you think of your favorite memory, what smell comes to mind? Smells are powerful and leave an impact.

 Have you ever thought about what your business would smell like if you had a scent? We take so much time in creating the perfect visual appearance for our customers, but why not take the environments smell into consideration too? The smell of a consumer’s experience can leave a longer lasting impression than a visual one. Remember a particular smell links directly to memories and emotions. People make decisions based on emotions. Why not create a lasting smell for your business that truly leaves an impact?

 Let’s explore some ideas together. This idea does not have to stop with just scenting a business. Do you like the concept and have a similar idea? We would love to hear it.


Become a Partner

You own the business and are 100% in charge of what kind of business you want to operate. Your business will be independently branded but it's based upon our proven business concept so you're getting a big head start.

Let us help! Contact us today and speak with a representative about this great opportunity!



Looking for a unique item to sell to raise money? Sell Wick Therapy's soy candles as that unique item. At Wick Therapy Candle we are all about supporting our community to reach their goals. Our candles offer a unique item to offer friends and family that have been getting asked for years if they would like to buy cookies, chocolate or popcorn. By selling a Wick Therapy candle for your next fundraiser, you are truly lighting up the town. How beautiful is that?

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