Our Fragrances

Behind The Scents 

Adore, The Love Scent: 

Scent Profile: White Birch + Vanilla + Black Pepper

White Birch is a purifying, uplifting and stimulating scent that encourages detoxification of the body when inhaled. More than just a sweet scent, Vanilla, it relieves anxiety and entices your sexual drive. The subtle hint of Black Pepper, which adds in the benefit of relieving stress. It fosters a real sense of calm and peace.

Balance, The Peaceful Scent: 

Scent Profile: Red Cedar

Know traditionally for its calming effects, it also inspires spiritual growth and awareness. The smell of Cedar is known to assist with clearing congestion and some respiratory distress.


Bliss, The Pleasure Scent:

Scent Profile: Lemongrass + Coconut

Lemongrass scent is very popular tool used in aromatherapy. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Pair with the soothing and pleasant scent of coconut. Coconut helps to ease the mind and treat anxiety.


Euphoria, The Happy Scent:  

Scent Profile: Citrus

The smell of citrus fruits can often boost the body’s production of serotonin, a happy feeling. It also aids in reducing stress levels and the air of positivity.

Solace, The Comfort Scent: 

Scent Profile: Cocoa + Musk

Musk is thought to have the ability to balance emotions, fix negative energy, and inspire higher-level thought processes. Expand the spiritual benefits by burning this scent throughout your space.

Unwind, The Relaxing Scent:  

Scent Profile: Sweet Florals + Spice

A good scent for a good mood. Sweet Florals put us in a good mood and help ease anxiety.

Vitality, The Energizing Scent:

Scent Profile: Minty Blend

Mint is a natural energizer. It uplifts your mood and helps with sinus pain. Peppermint is truly recognized for its medicinal properties.