Our Story

Wick Therapy Candle specializes in soy aromatherapy candles and related products. Our soy candles and wax melts will make your home smell inviting and wonderful by providing "Therapy That Burns". We design, produce, and ship all our products under one roof.

Aromatherapy is the final puzzle piece of making your home feel like, well, home. Wick Therapy Candle's mission is to create high-end quality candles, making home fragrance therapeutic. Come along for the ride as our products will continue to grow for the needs of the home or office.



Wick Therapy Candle is a testimony to "Therapy that Burns". If you have ever worked in an environment that is not culturally or demographically diverse, stagnant, or creatively impossible; you must find ways to show up and still be present.

I started as an avid burner of popular mainstream candles to decompress from a stressful workday. I quickly learned how easy it was for me to burn through these candles. It was as if the burn time was short, causing me to make very frequent purchases and return trips to the store. As I began to research, I was enlightened by the various benefits of specific scents. 

The light bulb started to flicker, “I can make candles!”. After a few failed attempts, I found the perfect scents to change the energy that I felt in the spaces that I spent most of my time.

Making candles brought me a sense of peace and joy. I was able to share my scents amongst likeminded women and men. It was like “They Get It”.  These carefully crafted candles brought me to place where no matter the worries of the day I can close my eyes and picture the perfect moment where the room is filled with my favorite scent. This is a true representation of a product that I am PROUD of! Get ready to burn “The Energy you Crave”.


Learn More about Jhazlyn,  A little bit about the creator:

What is your favorite scent from Wick Therapy Candle, and why?

My favorite scent from Wick Therapy Candle would have to be Bliss. This scent is like a vacation in a jar.  A light airy and sweet combination of lemongrass and coconut is just absolutely magical. 


What are your hobbies/ What do you enjoy doing?

My hobbies include painting, reading, anything to do with color and most recently I've started to love cooking... I enjoy watching good tv!


Describe a perfect day for you.

A perfect day for me would have to include the sun, some greenery, some good food or sweets, and some good conversation from dope people!


Who are you listening to right now?

In no particular order...

Ella Mai, Kehlani, H.E.R, Janelle Monae, and Drake


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Anywhere in the world, hmm, Egypt, Italy, Africa!


Finish this sentence. If I ruled the world ....

If I ruled the world, Bad energy wouldn’t be an option! All unicorns and pixie dust!