New Year, New Scent - Start the Year off LIT!

New Year, New Scent - Start the Year off LIT!

Hey Candle loves, we are approaching a New Year, and nothing starts the new year better than a new scent. Candles have become a MUST-HAVE home décor accessory. Perfect to elevate your space or just create a vibe wherever you are. As we keep it merry in December with warm notes, crips berries, and enchanting woodsy smells, we want to welcome January with delightful spirits, robust fruity notes, and warm nostalgic notes.

We are rounding up some of the best combos to start the year off LIT. Whether you want to bring a little personality to your space, or just keep it cool, nothing screams happy New Year better than your favorite fruits, earthy notes of masculine paired with a flavorful enticing spirit. You are sure to like these aromatic vibes, lets go with our TOP 5 Picks :

Combo #1) Mandarin + Strawberry Champagne

Combo #2) Blood Orange + Merlot

Combo #3) Cabernet + Tobacco

Combo #4) Oakmoss + Amber + Grape Champagne

Combo #5) Black Currant Absinthe + Eucalyptus

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